Good mental health is vital to a healthy life. Admitting that you’re feeling less than 100% is difficult, and many people struggle with accepting that they may not be functioning at their optimum. Mental health is a struggle that most people encounter at some point throughout their lives; be it stress due to work or study, relationship problems, anxiety; the doctors at Nedlands Medical Centre have seen it all. We are experienced across many platforms of mental health issues, and we understand that sometimes all you need is someone to talk to.

Nedlands Medical Centre has experience across an array methods to approach mental health issues. We offer Mental Health Care Plans* and treatments for the following areas;

  • post-natal issues
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • ptsd (post-traumatic stress disorder)
  • OCD
  • post-traumatic stress
  • grief

To find out more about our service and pricing structure please see Poonam Morar's page, or give us a call on 08 9389 8964 to discuss your needs. 

*Mental Health Care Plans are bulk billed only with a Standard GP consult.