Having a young family can be a challenge at the best of times...especially when you have an unwell child. Naturally, when our little ones are sick, our first instinct is to take them to the doctor. However finding a doctor that you trust to care for your family is not as easy as it may sound. It is no secret that children do not like doctors, with the scary needles and yucky medicine!

At Nedlands Medical Centre, we pride ourselves by being trusted by everyone in the family; even the children. Our doctors have young families of their own, so they understand that treating children takes a special amount of attention and warmth.

We endeavour to make your child feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. With our play pen in the waiting room, and fun toys in each of the doctor's rooms, this accomplishment comes easily. A visit to the doctor's no longer needs to be a struggle! And if you're lucky, you may even get a sticker or a sweet to reward your bravery.

If you have any questions please give us a call, or book your next appointment online today.